Natasha Mironov



Natasha has always had an interest in healthcare.  She graduated nursing school at the age of 20, and right away, started working as a RN while she continued her education at USC, and became a Certified Nurse Midwife. She spent the next 10 years working as a CNM, and although she found it extremely fulfilling, she had other interests she wanted to pursue as well. Learning more about real estate and business, she saw financial opportunities she wanted to explore. Although some shy away from the risk, Natasha is driven by the excitement and satisfaction that comes with putting your heart and hard work into something and watching it grow. Combining her passion for business and healthcare, the  yoga studio organically evolved! She loves yoga, because it not only improves your physical health, it also offers calmness of the mind, clarity, and serenity, and believes it can improve your quality of life. Natasha still enjoys working with women in labor as well, and continues to do so, as a Doula & Childbirth Educator at Beach Cities Birth......her newest business! 🤰 💕 

Liz Rusnak


Liz loves the practice of yoga, and is passionate about bringing this love to her students. She has been blessed to practice with many influential teachers who prioritize integrity above all else. Strong alignment and attention to the breath are fundamental to her style, and she believes that a serious practice should never be taken too seriously. She is strongly influenced by Hatha traditions and has also been drawn to teachers with a background in Anusara. Liz received her 200 hr certification with one of her most significant mentors to date, Chad Hamrin. She studied under Bianca Amelie Fearon at YogaWorks for her 300 hr certification. This winter she will embark on another 100 hr training, as the path of a teacher is always to be a student first


Amanda Gray



With a degree in Kinesiology and a passion for health and wellness, Amanda dabbled with yoga for several years as an escape from the stresses of her 9-5 and LA commute.  It wasn’t until the summer of 2014 that several life experiences brought her back to the mat on a daily basis in search of answers and clarity.  Shortly thereafter she found herself in her first teacher training to continue her journey of self-discovery, and after nearly 10 years in the corporate sector, Amanda replaced her fear with faith and decided to pursue teaching full-time. She takes an integrative approach to healing the mind, body and spirit through physical movement, yoga, and meditation. Her classes are sequenced with a beginner’s body in mind and creatively layered for all levels of yogis

Dustin Russell


Dustin’s love for people and true acceptance of each person’s spiritual evolution is deeply rooted in his being. Growing up in a military family provided Dustin with a unique view of the world and an opportunity to learn about, and to embrace, all people for who they are. This love and acceptance is at Dustin’s core and is immediately apparent to all who meet him. Wanting to help people in need, Dustin pursued a career as a firefighter. Shortly after graduating from the Academy he seriously injured his spine, whereby drastically changing his life’s trajectory. Since his injury, Dustin has been on a path to rebuild his life. He has spent years searching for relief from the constant pain and fatigue he was experiencing as a result of his spinal injury. After exploring and trying seemingly every solution, which was ultimately ineffective, Dustin found Kundalini yoga. In his words, “the only self-sustainable practice that keeps up with the speed of life.” His mission is to help heal those who have run out of answers


Sharon Mettler



Sharon found yoga in 2012 as an escape from her hectic corporate lifestyle. She found a profound sense of peace and calm, which helped her deal with the every day stress of working with attorneys. Her love of yoga lead her to receive her teacher training with Mukti Yoga School. After balancing yoga with her corporate job for several years, she took a leap of faith to follow her true passion of teaching yoga full-time. Always looking to expand her knowledge, she has gone on to receive her certification in sound healing. You can expect her classes to be fun, creative and challenging while remaining accessible for students of all-levels. The goal of her classes is for her students to leave feeling energized and empowered; strength and flexibility are just a bonus

Kalina Salvador


Kalina’s passion for health and fitness stems from her natural desire to incorporate fun, passion and continued personal growth into her life and the lives of the clients she serves. Earlier in Kalina’s life, she was diagnosed with arthritis, inspiring her to work smarter to overcome this physical challenge. Now she works hard to help others overcome adversity in their own lives. Kalina is a certified 500 Hour Yoga Instructor and NASM Certified Personal Trainer.


Lenie Ramos Trent



Lenie is a native Angeleno, born in the South Bay. She’s a nature lover and passionate environmentalist. If you don’t see Lenie in the studio, often times you’ll see her running on the strand or surfing with her girlfriends. Lenie’s love for yoga began when she found herself needing a path to settle her mind and calm in her life. After completing her 200hr Teacher Training with Tamal Dodge in 2014, she wanted to dive deeper into the philosophy and spiritual side of yoga. She recently finished her 300hr Teacher Training at Wanderlust Hollywood under the mentorship of Joan Hyman, Clio Manuelian, Annie Carpenter, Noah Mazé, and Schylur Grant. Lenie loves to share her love of life with her students. She brings fun, creative and intelligent sequencing to her alignment based vinyasa classes. Her classes are strong and mind.

Sarah Kovar


Sarah is a dedicated Yoga Instructor with advanced teaching hours specializing in Iyengar and Ashtanga principles. She is devoted to inspiring others to improve overall wellness while finding contentment in body, mind, and spirit. Her discipline in proper alignment and breath control creates a collaborative spirit within the classroom and a lasting sense of peace both on and off the mat.


David Carrow



David completed his 200 hour teacher training at SOHO in 2016

Laurel Erilane


Laurel Brooke Erilane grew up in Manhattan Beach as a competitive athlete who constantly pushed her body to its limit. In her adolescence, she first discovered yoga as an alternative to physical therapy when several injuries prevented her from playing with such intensity. Laurel began her practice in 2002 and started her teacher training in 2007. She continues to educate herself through trainings and workshops with internationally recognized teachers to stay inspired. She has over 1,000 training hours from Mukti Yoga School, Wanderlust, Yoga Medicine & Pranja Yoga. With a consistent practice for over half her life, she brings an in-depth knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology into her intelligent sequencing. Her teaching style emphasizes proper anatomical alignment through both classical and modern variations, incorporating the union of breath and fluid movement with deep dynamic stretches and guided meditation.

Laurel believes every time you step on the mat is an opportunity to deepen your sense of self and learn more about finding your own personal peace. As every day presents new challenges, we must first do the work on ourselves in order to uplift others around us. Laurel is a peaceful warrior on a mission to celebrate and appreciate creativity through her passion for mindful living. She loves connecting to nature through rock climbing, sailing, boarding and participating in outdoor sports. She is a free-spirited lover of the arts, especially music, and has taught at many prominent festivals. She has also co-founded and produced wellness events that focus on healing through yoga, nutrition and community connection. Laurel recognizes the yogic journey as a lifelong practice, which has guided her to travel, live, co-create, and teach internationally


Brittnay Leon-Guerrero



Brittnay is a Los Angeles based instructor born in Honolulu, Hawaii and raised in the South Bay.  She began practicing yoga in 2009 and found the practice to be a refuge for her to unravel and heal old wounds.  Through yoga she is able to create a life filled with joy and curiosity.  Brittnay creates a space for self discovery and personal empowerment through an accessible, intelligent movement and breath practice.  Her teaching is rooted in the belief that we all have experienced life differently - our practice should be different too.

Alexa Angel


 Alexa experiences the evolving transformation, magic and oneness that the yoga path has opened for her and she is inspired to share the practice with others. Her loyalty is to hold a safe space with grounding guidance to connect with the body, breath and heart, as a way of remembering our true nature of love and light that we are. With a nurturing touch, her therapeutic classes leave you feeling calm, relaxed and heart-centered. 

Alexa has over 700 hours of Yoga Teacher Training from California, Costa Rica and Peru. She teaches yin, restorative, power vinyasa and alignment-based yoga suitable from beginner to all levels. On her path of a Holistic Health Practitioner, Alexa has a motivation to help people find balance, radiance and deeper meaning in their lives. She is a world traveler studying ancient wisdom and healing arts, Aryuveda, Astrology, Shamanism, yoga, dance, music and ceremony and loves to share these passions. Alexa is a devotional singer and song writer offering Sound Baths to spread the healing vibrations of sacred sound, mantra and song.


Jessica Beiber



Jessica’s love of yoga and her personal journey through pregnancy and motherhood ignited a passion to become certified as a prenatal yoga instructor. Jessica is a mother of two young children and truly believes that pregnancy and childbirth is something to be celebrated. Jessica’s class is a nurturing and serene environment that focuses on safely strengthening the mind and body during pregnancy. She teaches women how to tune into their amazing pregnant bodies through breathwork, meditation, and movement. It was during the process of her prenatal yoga teacher training that Jessica became thirsty for more knowledge about the entire birthing process. She learned to recognize the stages of labor and birth not only physically, but also how women feel mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Drawing from personal experience and from teaching her prenatal classes, Jessica decided to become a birth doula. She truly loves this work and feels that there is no greater joy than to be a part of such a beautiful, life-changing event for a family

Ieshia Ali


Ieshia Alley, 900-EYT (Experienced Yoga Therapist), Executive Director and Principal aka “Spirit Manager” of SouthBay Yoga Conference. She creates and delivers whimsically illuminating yoga sessions weaving scientific elements of physics and geometry along with Yoga sutras and philosophy. 

Her teaching style is eclectic, a fusion of breath work, vinyasa (flowing linked movements), mantras, meditation and Thai massage. She focuses on energetic anatomy along with physical alignment to create an experience of mindfulness and reflection of the individual as not simply a human “machine” but as a celestial being. She refers to her students as Jedis and her classes as #JediTraining


Patricia Anaya



Patricia Anaya is a certified Pre/Post-Natal Yoga instructor who teaches classes in Los Angeles. Patricia is also a childbirth educator and birth doula. Additionally, she recently published the new book “Bumps in Motion: Pregnancy Yoga Sequences From Around the World

Will be leading the Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training in March 2019

Mark Burik



Mark Burik has been coaching sports for 16 years and has over a decade of playing and coaching experience in volleyball. From 2005-2008 he competed with the George Mason University Men’s Volleyball team garnering All East honors in his final year. After receiving his degree in Exercise Science Cum Laude, he continued his career playing professionally in Sweden, Norway and Croatia. Mark has also been the head coach for two different professional teams and served as the Strength and Conditioning Coordinator for Vingakers Volleyball Klubb.

During the warmer months, Burik has been a mainstay on the AVP Tour and also competes regularly on the FIVB World Tour. Recognized as one of the top players in the country, he has numerous championships under his belt and has won the legendary Pottstown Rumble 3 times. He recently added a NORCECA Continental Tour Gold Medal to his accolades. Mark has always had a passion for beach volleyball, and decided to retire from indoor in 2014 to dedicate his time and efforts to beach volleyball full time.

Atma Hari


 Atma Hari Kaur is a Kundalini yoga teacher, Kundalini pre-natal instructor, sound healer and salon owner. She shares the teachings of Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan with accuracy and a light heart allowing the practice itself to be the teacher. Her classes are both fun and focused. The pure sounds of Crystal Tones Alchemy singing bowl are played in each class.