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SUP Yoga Class

Sunday, September 23rd from 12-3:00pm

This class meets at Paddle House located at the Redondo Beach Pier, at 164 N. International Boardwalk, Redondo Beach CA 90277.  There is a parking structure nearby that is approximately $2-6 depending on length of time. Please bring water,  sunscreen and a towel.  If this is your first time attending you must complete your consent and a brief intro on SUP and a review of harbor rules provided by the staff at Paddle House. Once this has been completed, for future sessions you may arrive 15 minutes after the start time. We are on the water paddling no later then 1:30pm.

The class begins with approximately 20 min to paddle to a select destination where we will anchor our boards, and then begin our Yoga class. Yoga class will generally last 40-50 minutes.  Then we will take a little water break and have about 10-20 minutes for play time with some challenging poses (if you want to “fall” in) and photos. The paddle back may take a little bit longer so don’t wear yourselves out! Round trip we are looking at approximately 1.5-2  hours depending on the size of the group.

Sign up required 24 hours in advance to save boards for our group as they sell out on weekends.

***Please note, our cancellation policy for this class is different then our studio classes. No cancellations or refunds after the 24 hour sign up window has passed.

Non-Member Price: $45

Member Price: $35


Breathwork Soundbath

Sunday 10/7/2018 at 7:00p.m.

Faisal and Jenn will be hosting a Breathwork Soundbath at Beach Cities Yoga. First, Faisal will run the Breathwork portion of the evening that will lead into a relaxing Soundbath guided by Jenn Marut.

Breathwork is an active meditation that is simple, powerful, and transformative. Faisal will guide you through the breathing technique during the session. Breathwork is used to help people achieve a greater sense of self-love and self-healing. It also helps improve mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Anyone can practice Breathwork and zero experience is needed. If you can breathe, then you can do this. If you have never tried Breathwork the experience can be deep, reflective, peaceful and exhilarating.  Don’t forget to bring a friend to share your Breathwork story with! 

Soundbaths are healing and relaxing musical performances using singing bowls, crystal bowls, ocean drums and planetary gongs to sooth your mind and body. Let the waves of vibration and sound wash over you.  Soundbaths calm our overstimulated nervous systems and rebalance our energy. Soundbaths can help heal depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and insomnia, they even have the ability to deepen meditation and spark creativity.

Please wear comfortable clothing and try to refrain from eating anything for an hour prior to this event.

You may want to bring your yoga mat. All other props available at the studio and eye masks will be available to buy for $5.

Workshop Price: $30 (early bird registration), and $35 day of.

Member discounted price: $25 (early bird registration), and $30 day of.

Hear From Our Clients

  • Natasha's yin class was exactly what I needed in my life. I compete professionally in beach volleyball and push my body to the limit but I also need to stay limber. This class was the perfect way to relax calmly into long, deep stretches. She has such a smooth calming voice too that really makes it an overall pleasant experience. If you're stressed and tired but still want to take care of you're body, you MUST go to one of Natasha's classes.

    Mark Burik
  • I finally made it to Natasha's Sunday evening Yin class, and I wish I had the opportunity to end every weekend in such a restorative and peaceful manner! She turns a gym environment into a beautiful and calming oasis with candlelight, a great selection of soothing music, and her very pleasant voice. I appreciated having all the props provided for the class, as well as the adjustments and attentiveness she gives to everyone. Thank you, Natasha, for your beautiful energy and for helping put me into a state of mind that made for a great night of sleep!

    Sara Fredrickson
  • I took the Sunday night Yin class with Natasha, and let me tell you - I've never slept so soundly! It was the perfect way to unwind after a busy weekend. Natasha leaves no stone unturned - all you need to do is show up! She provides all the equipment (blocks, bolsters, straps) and does an amazing job of setting up a calm, peaceful ambiance. From candlelight, to essential oil diffuser, to her music selection, she makes it so easy to settle into your practice and let your body fully relax. I will definitely be back, thanks Natasha!

    Amanda Gray
  • Natasha is passionate, kind, wonderful and knowledgable! I scheduled myself for her Wednesday night Vinyasa class and when her other students canceled (last minute) she offered me a private session at no additional charge! Some instructors would cancel the class entirely but she loves teaching and all of her students so she went out of her way to stay and help. I primarily wanted to work on my foundations - downward dog, chatturanga's and warrior poses. We ended up having a few minutes left in the hour so she went the extra mile and helped with my headstand variations! I feel more confident going into other local group yoga classes now that I've had adjustments to my foundations. I'm thankful for all her efforts and energy.

    Merrit Panaligan
  • I'm a total yoga newbie but Natasha has made me feel super comfortable at the couple classes I've attended. She challenges you but also offers scaled versions of poses if something is too advanced. Her classes are relaxing but also a great workout at the same time! Being a crossfitter and beach volleyball player this is the perfect way to stretch out and work on mobility. I really look forward to taking more of her classes. She changes up the music too =P Classes are held in a nice clean facility (Beach Cities Training) and there is a good amount of parking on the street as well as the parking lot.

    Cherish Chin
  • Beautiful Beach Yoga Class!   Staring out into the ocean during yoga practice makes me feel so calmed and filled to the top with gratitude.

    Katelin McCrady
  • The Vinyasa Flow is an awesome class!! Great rhythm and poses for all levels 🙂 I really enjoyed the yin poses at the end helping to stretch out my deeply worked out sore muscles. Highly recommend!!!

    Malin Cartwright
  • I always enjoy going to Natasha's classes. Her Sunday night Yin class is the perfect way to wrap up the weekend!
    Alyssa Kerger
  • Natasha is the best! She's super energetic and positive, I love being around her happy smile!!!

    Lisa Hsu
  • Natasha is amazing! Love her beach Flow classes, and always leave a Yin class feeling incredibly relaxed (she's even had to wake me up a few times at the end of class!)

    Christie Jenkins