Dustin RussellKundalini Instructor

    Meet Dustin

    Dustin’s love for people and true acceptance of each person’s spiritual evolution is deeply rooted in his being. Growing up in a military family provided Dustin with a unique view of the world and an opportunity to learn about, and to embrace, all people for who they are. This love and acceptance is at Dustin’s core and is immediately apparent to all who meet him. Wanting to help people in need, Dustin pursued a career as a firefighter. Shortly after graduating from the Academy he seriously injured his spine, whereby drastically changing his life’s trajectory. Since his injury, Dustin has been on a path to rebuild his life. He has spent years searching for relief from the constant pain and fatigue he was experiencing as a result of his spinal injury. After exploring and trying seemingly every solution, which was ultimately ineffective, Dustin found Kundalini yoga. In his words, “the only self-sustainable practice that keeps up with the speed of life.” His mission is to help heal those who have run out of answers.

    If you can hear the essence of your life clearly, you can essentially progress on the way of life very successfully. – Yogi Bhajan