Reservations required 60 minutes prior to class.  Cancellation and no-show policy:  $5.00 will be charged if cancelling less than two hours prior to class start time.

If you have missed the 60 minute window to register, please call to see if there is space available  (424) 333-4200.


We have an extensive offering of yoga classes that aim to transform your mind and body.  Many of our studio and beach yoga classes incorporate Vinyasa flows that synchronize your movements with your breath, creating a connected state of presence and awareness.  Instructors mindfully construct their classes to challenge and align the body to strengthen mind/body awareness and to increase mental stamina.  Our Power classes include a vinyasa flow with a heavy emphasis on developing and utilizing core strength and overall stability.  Our Kundalini Classes focus on awakening energies and increasing consciousness through movement, dynamic breathing, meditation, and chanting of mantras.  

Yin & Restorative Classes

Our Yin and Restorative classes are some of our most coveted classes.  A typical sequence includes only a few seated and supine poses while utilizing various props to help you submit into relaxation through passive stretching.  Specific BCY yoga classes, such as our Yang/Yin and Yin/Yang/Yin, are a meld of active and passive yoga poses, giving you the best of both worlds.  Many students experience deeper stretching (Yin) after thoroughly warming the body during active poses (Yang).  We also offer our signature MELT class, during which each person is guided in rolling and stretching areas specific to their needs.

Mindfulness & Meditation

Meditation and mindfulness are approaches used to train the mind to intentionally focus on something relevant to the present moment, such as breathing. Engaging in a Mindfulness Meditation session will allow a busy mind to reset itself, quiet the chatter and reduce negative reactivity.  A regular practice of meditation is associated with many positive health benefits such as lower levels of anxiety and depression and is thought to considerably reduce symptoms of numerous physical and mental disorders.  Various modes of meditation and mindfulness are explored and are unique to the focus of each class.

Specialty and Signature Classes

We have concocted some signature classes that specifically focus on amping up your yoga practice.  Sessions are dedicated entirely to improving more challenging components of your yoga practice, such as arm balances and inversions.  Through strengthening, stretching and learning various techniques to engage key muscles, your confidence and your yoga practice are destined to grow.  We also provide unique classes that are a meld of yoga elements and other disciplines that focus on helping you increase your strength, flexibility, agility, and improve your overall athleticism.  Even yogis need cross-training.

Perks of Membership

We often host special events to create time for a little fun, relaxation, and socializing amongst fellow yogis, such as our Glow Flow events (glow-n-the-dark/Dj’d music yoga).  We host Pop-Up events that incorporate yoga with another physical activity, such as biking, hiking, volleyball, or standup-paddleboarding to name a few.  For special occasions and holidays, we host weekend morning yoga classes that typically conclude with a little time to mingle with fellow yogis while enjoying a mimosa.  We are always coming up with new ways to maximize our beach lifestyle.   Become a member and enjoy the many members-only perks, such as our beach yoga and beach volleyball classes and discounts on our special events and classes.

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